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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    On Reshlan........

    A rush of people burst into the Grand Maven’s Sigil room, a cluster of Bronze and Silver Knights amidst a dozen Priestesses. Carried by them is a strange dark egg, pulsing with energy.

    The Maven take one look and tsks.

    “So it has happened. I predicted this foolishness.”

    The egg pulses in anger, the Grand Maven smirking.

    “Predicted and planned for. The Grand Ritual is possible, Lord Auroc, as you suggested. Since phase one was only partially successful, phase two will require more......sacrifice...then before since neither the Kami or the child were acquired. This is acceptable?”

    The egg pulses even further.

    “Very well. I shall start the consumption phase. Worry not, Lord. You’ll be even more powerful soon. I shall also attempt another scrying on seek.”

    Three Priestesses carry the egg over to a pool of black liquid and place it in, letting it sink and submerge fully. The rest of them go around it, drawing arcane runes and glyphs around the pool of liquid.

    The Maven looks at the Knights.

    “Knights Bronze and Silver, find one thousand of our....lesser cousins and acquire them as components for the Ritual. Tell the volunteers their families will be further elevated by their sacrifice.”

    The two sets of knights bow and retreat, leaving four Gold Knights there. She turns and looks at them.

    “Two of you, take the siphon to the prisoner and drain as much as you can without killing her. What we’ll lose in potency we’ll gain in volume.”

    Two nod and leave, carrying a strange pointed device with them. The last two then turn to her, questioningly.

    “One of you sort the new turned Threshlings. Any too....weak, add to the consumption the others are gathering. And lastly, one of you bring me....Knight Kakarot. His services shall be required soon.”

    The two salute and leave, the Maven turning and adding her voice and drawn runes to an ever overlapping and rising chant of magic, layers of runes suffusing the dark pool.
    The click of steps alerts the Grand Maven to his arrival.

    “Ah, Knight Kakarot. Thank you for joining me.”

    The blank face, blind eyes, and stiff movements denote an...unusual nature to the Knight. The dead thing now alive looks at her, bowing.

    “You are to act as our first line of defense, alongside several Golden Knights, should something actually manage to get to us. Prepare yourself. You have permission to use your full strength.”

    She draws a line, and glyphs on Kakarot’s body appear, then shatter. The deadman grunts, and a slight twitch of the mouth seems to denote some level of pleasure at this. He bows again, then leaves the complex. Looking up into the sky with dead eyes, he gently floats up, flanked by five Golden Knights, and eagerly awaits battle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
    The Galloping was fast, making pace at speeds that would dazzle even the most sleek of ships, perhaps rivaled by some prototype GP Cruisers, and of course, the Gallopings own sister ships.

    Held sat cross legged within an empty section of the ship, clearly a training hall of some sort to allow a warrior to maintain his keen edge, even in the depths of space.

    His breathing was slow, even and deep, a habit born of training as much as the necessity of doing so in an area where the gravity had been artificially enhanced. Yet another of the newer modifications Jinzi had added. It was heavy enough to make the Nevadian aware of it, and let light enough as to avoid seriously taxing his body.

    It was Helds way of putting himself through his paces; It had been too long since he had found the time to train as he ought; Moments were taken here and there, but the relentless onslaught of duty had put a slight bit of rust on the most keen edge of the Nevadian Spearsman.

    Breathe....Bring nothing into this moment....

    Against such powerful foes, Held would not be so overconfident as to fight them unprepared.

    Breathe.....Focus....Calm.....Peaceful....This is what it means to be of the Unicorn...

    The strain of gravity faded into the background. However, something else popped in the the Nevadians mind, distracting him from his meditation.

    Destination Approaching

    The Ovehead speakers boomed in the Nevadians ears, as the formerly red lights flashed white.

    Destination Approaching

    "Computer. Halt Gravity."

    The Gravity suddenly relaxed its hold, and Held felt his body become much lighter, as he felt invigorated.

    "Good Grief. I can't tell if I lost that much focus, or if we're that fast."

    He hopped to his feet with a grunt, before swiftly stretching in all directions.

    "Computer. Begin landing procedure." The Nevadian commanded, exiting the chamber and walking towards the rear entryway of the ship. "Keep us about 300 kilometers away from the coordinates given."

    It'll be too much of a pain to try and land in all that brush and with all those temples...

    The ship beeped in confirmation, and the Nevadian pushed a button on a nearby wall, and the rear hatch opened with little fanfare.

    He stopped for a moment, feeling out for the Ki signatures of his allies. As strong and potent as they were, it took little effort to find them, along with unfamiliar, foreign ones radiating dark intent.

    "Yeah...That's definitely them, and they're definitely busy." Held mumbled, jumping out of the ship as a white aura flared around him, as he launched himself towards there position at super sonic speeds, "I better get a move on."
    Prodigiously swift did the Galloping move. By the path charted by the navigation data, its pace through the stars seemed as if mere minutes. As Held's craft descended into the atmosphere, gravity righted itself with the pull down to planetside, and the star surrounding the planet reflected itself over the mist falling upon the dense canopy.

    As he moved closer towards the Obsidian Ziggurat, his flight would bring him near Ulysses' ship, the Penelope. It was a vessel of an older make, a converted freight runner with an armoured hull designed to go straight through meteoric debris., A faint ripple of a force shield cast about the main body of the vessel.

    The closer he got to the transponder frequency, the more familiar the sight, and withit all the signs of the recent combat. All was centred upon that towering, shadowy obelisk that darkened the very horizon it stood upon.

    As he set foot there within those halls, the Dark Intent he'd intuitively registered grew increasingly concentrated. Within the assembled throng of prostrated worshippers the Captain broadcast earlier, he found them still seated there frozen in mindless prayers. How this dark power coursed itself through their bodies and carried itself through the walls, tracing a path up the metalloid steps.

    As Held moved further into the reaches of this pyramid of power, so did the warmth of sun abandon him for a strange, artificial light that streaked up the walls, raised in pulsing, knotted veins that ran up the slope with an uncanny biological geometry. Gathered humidity from the outside collected and fell off of the cylindrical edges of these strange tubules and fell in collected droplets with such frequency it felt like rain.

    Suddenly, a flare of ki swept the environs, and the very air froze dry in an instant. When he crossed into the icy antechamber before him, impacts shook the air and shattered the floor beneath them like glass. The handiwork of some very familiar faces.

    Zaofan breathed deep, his aura manifesting in a peculiar way; rather than sweeping outward, it seemed to twist and spiral inwards. The Silver Knight raised his sword, the magic tracing about it leaving frost in its wake as he drew it forward. The plates, dented and shattered, were bolted together with a shadowy liquid substance that seemed to weld the injuries together. Even as the blood streaked a trail behind Canin's footfalls, the Threshling warrior refused to retread. He raised the sword to guard, and Zaofan struck it aside with his staff, and threw himself forward in a coordinated maneuver.

    The Martial Chef wound low, and threw a twisting kick straight to Canin's midsection. Creeping up the Knight's armor, a shockwave reverb spiraling through the joints. Even with the pilable anatomy inherent to Threshlingkind, the kinetic shock imparted a winding pressure through his core and limbs that loosed the core and froze the Ice Knight's limbs, pinned Canin in place and seized his movement, rendering him helpless for the presence behind him.

    Simultaneously, Ochazuke thrust his palms upon Canin's back and neck, and with a burst of iron wind, Kongosho struck the neutralization energies press through the Knight's head and heart.

    On impact, the Knight fell to a knee, and with a hollow cry, dark issue began to pour out from the maimed gaps of his armour and through the slits of his helm. The scattering ichor leapt from him, a liquid like tar writhing violent tendrils as it twist out from the Silver Knight.

    "Auroc's gift," Ochazuke said to Canin, whose voice sputtered with a sound like drowning. "Do you see?"

    As if responding to his voice, the dark liquid collected into a single tendril that turned towards the martial artist. Ochazuke's eyes narrowed, and with a sharp Kiai, the substance was vaporized in an instant, and the knight fell unconscious before them.

    The two human warriors breathed a brief sigh of relief, then turned toward the newly arrived Held. Before so much as a word could be exchanged...

    "What the hell took you so long, Admiral?"

    Ulysses, steps dragging, walked across the antechamber..

    "Let these two out of your sight for one damn minute and all hell breaks loose," the Captain said, his ever-pale face ghastly and weary. "Thought this was a exploration mission, not a revolution."

    Zaofan, prodding the fallen knight with his staff, loosed a low whistle. "...suppose I did fly a bit off the handle there, but you see, Mr. Prizzm, what they did to those poor people just trying to live their lives...I just couldn't help myself."

    The Chef's face seemed leaner from the last time Held saw him, and from here he could see the whites of his eyes, quaking under a furrowed brow. His long fingers wrung themselves around his katchin staff, the palms dried and calloused from consummate practice.

    "Whatever the case, that was their main enforcer," Ochazuke said grimly. "I have no doubt their Priestess is preparing some spell just through that door."

    Even now the banishment to Terra was fresh in his memory, and the great Eye that observed those remnants of that dead world.

    "Good to see you, Held. If it's some arcane matter that's been prepared in the brief window this Knight has afforded for them, we're likely to be walking straight into a trap."

    "Let's test that theory," Zaofan said boldly, moving to the door leading to the apex terrace, the primacy of the ziggurat. "Spring the trap."

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    (Hearing all this makes me a little worried about Althena. No, I don't need to worry about her. I need to stay focus. Althena has Killrog and my sisters protecting her, and she can defend for herself,) Praxat thought.

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    Default Queen's Mettle IX -- Clear as Crystal I

    Sarada stepped foot in the last realm with renewed vigor and a wide grin on her face. Not only because she was about to have the best fight since she had started training in Vaikuntha, but also because Criostalach's drip was undeniable. The entire realm was comprised entirely of crystals. They looked like giant diamonds. Sarada wasn't one to fawn over jewelry, but even she could appreciate a bit of swagger. Or in this case, a lot of it. But she wasn't there to gawk at the sheer amount of shiny, gleaming crystals as far as the eye could see. She had one last fight, and that always took precedence over everything.

    She stepped inside what she assumed to be the sole structure that could be considered living quarters - assuming the Archon's didn't just sleep outside, or that they slept period - to begin her final challenge.

    "Queen Sarada, you have done far better than I expected," Criostalach stated. She was seated upon a gleaming throne in the center of open space. The walls in the short distance were comprised of crystals situated in a way that reflected the sunlight perfectly, giving the entire room a dreamy, almost fantastical appeal. The floor was smooth and polished and clearly displayed the perfect reflection of the ceiling.

    Each step Sarada took toward the throne echoed like an empty amphitheater. "I surprised myself, I think. Didn't think I'd have the patience to play games and think."

    The Archon let out a chuckle, a crinkling laugh that sounded like someone was gently bending a broken window. "Indeed. However, in persevering this long, you have proven yourself more capable a warrior than if you had fought all eight in sequence. A true warrior can prevail in all manners of combat, not just physical." She stood from her throne, looking very much like a Queen about to address a subject in a more personal manner. "And now, for your final test, you will put to use all the lessons given to you by my brothers and sisters and face me in the physical combat you Saiyans love so dearly. You will not win. In fact, I highly doubt you will be conscious by the time I am done."

    Any excitement she had evaporated. "Wait, w-- ?" A large, pointy fist sunk into her abdomen and nearly exploded out the other side. Blood and bile erupted out of her mouth before a punch to the face sent her flying out of the Crystal Throneroom and onto the hard ground outside.

    Criostalach was on her before she could even comprehend what had just hit her, let alone try to recover. The Archon's arms blurred as she besieged Sarada with a relentless volley. Her Saiyan blood splattered across the ground. The blood that didn't was either smeared on Criostalach's fists or was running down Sarada's face.

    She tried to block, to parry, to do anything, but the Archon was too fast for her to keep up. What the hell is going on?! she demanded mentally. She was so used to being stronger than nearly everyone she faced, or close enough that she could still do some damage with some planning. To be this outclassed and completely overwhelmed this quickly wasn't just a shock.

    It made her feel small.

    No! Fuck that! When Criostalach attempted to land another punch, Sarada ducked out of the way and quickly scampered away to safety. Her entire face was painted crimson with her own blood. Her armor was in tatters, as were much of the tights she wore underneath. Standing on her own two feet was a challenge. Her balance was just about gone and her legs felt like they were literally made of jelly. Still, she persisted.

    She closed her eyes and breathed in, and then out slowly. And then again. When she opened her eyes, her body relaxed. The nearly autonomous state of Peerless Instinct was her only chance to keep up. She hadn't used it since training with Parsley those months ago; this was as good a time as any.

    She dashed forward, fist drawn back and scanning her opponent for any weak point. There weren't any. She wouldn't be able to brute force her way to a win, nor would she be able to finesse one out. This was a battle she couldn't win. Even if that was true, that didn't mean she was just going to give up and take her beating without putting up a fight first.

    She was a blur of motion, unleashing her own unrelenting volley upon the Archon. Yet, unlike Sarada, Criostalach had no trouble defending herself. Even thought Sarada knew where to attack and when, she wasn't fast enough.

    "Interesting. You appear to have gotten even more attentive, even if you clearly are not thinking," the Archon noted. She continued to deflect Sarada's strikes.

    As the battle progressed, it was happening again. The difference in speed between the two had been more than noticeable. The Archon was more than capable of dodging or parrying and countering with very little trouble. Yet, gradually, that advantage started to subside. At first, it wasn't noticeable enough for the Archon to worry, but that quickly changed.

    "Uff," she grunted as Sarada finally landed a hit on her torso. No damage was suffered, but the successful blows were starting to happen more and more regularly. "Interesting."

    Sarada wordlessly leaped into the air, pirouetting through the air while also charging her next attack. "Galick Gun...Fire!" she yelled while upside down.

    The famous purple beam cut through the air at an alarming speed. That confirmed to her that not only was her combat and movement speed faster, but the speed of her attacks also increased drastically. She would have to study this phenomenon more closely when she got the chance.

    Criostalach casually raised an arm to meet the beam head on. Like light through a prism, the beam filtered through her body and shot out the other side, showering the Crystal Throneroom with a diffused light show while the destructive ki of the Galick Gun shot harmlessly into Vaikuntha's "atmosphere". "An intriguing turn of events," the Archon admitted with a glassy clap of her hands. "I do not believe I have ever seen anything like this. What is this technique?"

    Sarada didn't have much more time life and she couldn't spend it talking. She dashed forward, a ball of ki in each hand. "I call it Peerless Instinct," she answered as she lobbed those balls at the Archon. "I can fight without thinking."

    "Fascinating. Autonomous combat is a feat rarely seen in mortals, and to this extent. Tell me, who taught you?" A pair of explosions erupted in her face as the two energy blasts struck her without so much as an attempt at evading. She was standing in the center of a small crater when the dust clear, not even a smudge on her gleaming form.

    "I've been teaching myself for the last five years." She floated to the ground and dashed forward. She had one last thing to try. Once again, ki cycled through her arm as she threw her fist back. "CRIMSON DEATH!!" Her fist flew forward, the energy it was carrying exploding outward on contact.

    However, instead of flowing through the Archon and exploding outward, as it had done the last few times she tried, it instead exploded back in her face on impact. It was like she had hit some kind of supernatural mirror.

    Her own ki washed over her and flung her back a ways until she slammed into the ground. No sooner than when she landed, Criostalach stomped her footed down on her ribcage. She didn't so much as feel as she heard several of them break in half. She was pretty sure one of them punctured her lung because it was suddenly very hard to breathe. She gasped for breath and heard a rattle in her chest.

    Yep, definitely punctured lung.

    Peerless Instinct faded away, leaving her with nothing but pure pain and agony on her mind. The Archon was gracious enough to remove her foot from her abdomen and fall back a few steps to give her enough room to try and get up. I suppose this is where I'm supposed to keel over, she thought as she attempted to roll over onto her stomach. Even doing that felt like she had gotten run over by an asteroid. "Guess I'm out," she muttered.

    She managed to get to her knees, then slowly rose to her feet. Blood dripped from her mouth to the ground, coalescing into a pool by her feet. "Hehe. You're a lot stronger than I thought." Saiyan Grit activated, closing her wounds just enough so she could at least breath more comfortably. That, plus the natural healing properties of Vaikuntha had her feeling better. Not by much, but she was in a better position than she was a half-minute ago.

    "Indeed. I am the strongest of my kind, much how you are the strongest of your kind. I trust this is not the end of your efforts."

    "Heh, ya got that right. I didn't keep the throne by rolling over and quitting." She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. "I'm not done yet!" Her aura flickered to life, then roared like a newly reinvigorated flame. A Saiyan's Pride gave her the energy she need to go on. The energy, not the strength. She needed more power, and there was only one way she was going to get it.

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    Default Queen's Mettle IX -- Clear as Crystal II

    She gritted her teeth and tapped into Saiyan Soul again. The last time, she grew into a hulking version of her normal Super Saiyan form. That form, however and shockingly, had less power than she had available once she master Super Saiyan. This time, was completely different.

    She felt a surge of power the likes of which she had never encountered. Sparks of lightning shot around her aura. But, as soon as the power was there, it was gone. Her hair turned back to its natural brown color as she collapsed to the ground. "Damn it. Not again!"

    "A pity."

    Sarada heard Criostalach dashing toward her, but was in no position to do anything about it. The last thing she saw before it all came to an end was the gleaming crystal fist flying toward her face.

    Then, it all went to black.

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