Anyone got any fond memories of drive-ins growing up? Is your local drive-in now a suburban housing lot?

I saw old junk like Disney's the cat from outer space, Terrence Hill's Super Snooper and richard Pryor's Stir Crazy as a kid.

What did YOU see?

Also, Do you know where there are still any big old single screen movie theatres?

I'm lucky. I live near the Astor theatre in Melbourne. The only single screen cinema still showing movies on a daily basis. The Capitol gets used sometimes as well.

I saw a big one In Bangkok in 2018, dunno if its still there. There's also one in Wellington in New Zealand. Any others?

Have you ever had a multiplex close down and fall into disrepair? I saw some in Newcastle in 2008 that still had Terminator 3 posters up from 2003...

and finally, what do you HATE about your local m.p? I hate it when they advertise some crappy film, delay the release by a few months but keep advertising it then when it comes out its only on for a couple of weeks then disappears (examples - Pitch perfect 3 and Slenderman)

and YOUR peeves?