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    Some event kills off half of the cast of characters, Infinity War style, including many big names... and then they have the balls to make it stick for at least 5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Captain America View Post
    Some event kills off half of the cast of characters, Infinity War style, including many big names... and then they have the balls to make it stick for at least 5 years.
    OK, if the deaths actually stuck for a bit, then I'm cool, I'm down, let's do this!

    But if the deaths are just reset a few months later? Just no.

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    The Sentry kills the Marvel Universe: Pretty self explanatory.
    Son of the Devil - Where Daredevil will be revealed to have fathered a child while being the vessel of the Beast during Shadowland.and all that ensues afterwards.
    Identity Disc 2: The revelation of Kulan Gath as Tristram Silver who has been leading a double life as a secret Master criminal who assembles a new group to take out the savage Avengers.
    The Great Fall: The One above all becomes powerless due to his adversary the One below all and assumes a human guise to hide from him and undergoes various trials and tribulations during the period ultimately getting lynched at the hands of cult devoted to the entity for being a false prophet.
    President America: Steve Rogers becomes the president of America through the machinations of Maggia and gets blackmailed due to the threat of complete breakdown of the Democratic concept to continue to be the President as pawn of Maggia.
    The Geezer Defenders : The Ancient One assembles stick, Maestro, Magneto and the Collector to tackle the age old problem of getting old and losing faculties.
    The Clone Classes of Prof. Warren: Learn the cloning secrets of the Jackal! (No money back guarantee if you are unable to grasp the genius of the brilliant professor.) Except Guest star galore like the High Evolutionary( His Mentor) Ghost Spider( The ersatz version of his true love) Sinister( his only real competition), Ben Reilly( the prodigal son who followed in his dad's footsteps) and so on.
    The Existential Adventures of Him and Her: Adam Warlock and her set out on a epic adventure to find the meaning of life.
    X Babies: the return- X Babies take on their ultimate enemies the Marvel Bullpen... wait what? A blast from the past.
    We are Impossible Man!: The Impossible Man assembles a new lethal legion consisting of impossible man versions of Marvel Superheroes to transform the whole universe into Pop-Verse. Move over Marvel Zombies!
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    Champions by Mark Waid
    oh wait ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeIsILL View Post
    Hawkeye goes to Asgard to train and gets Asgardian bow.....but I still can't think of a reason for him to do that though....
    Reminds me of What If #25 when Hawkeye gets "a godly bow that can never miss" from the Asgardian Vizier. Hawkeye was understandably underwhelmed. The Vizier should have given him a bow similar to Ranger on the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. The power and potential energy of the bow should charge an arrow with varying degrees of lethality and effect.
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    Bullseye and Moonstone's daughter from the future comes back in time to kill their arch enemies Daredevil and Carol Danvers.

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