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    Yes! Absolutely, I would play X-Men Legends 3. It was even set up in X-Men Legends 2. After the success of Spider-Man on the PS4, I hope Marvel and Disney give X-Men Legends another chance.
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    Hell yes! This is long overdue!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycon View Post
    imagine an open-world, action-adventure rpg where you can explore all of Krakoa and you can get sent to different parts of the world for your missions using the portals.
    Ugh, yes! Just exploring Krakoa alone would be a lot of fun, but the portals really makes it an endless world of opportunity. It being an RPG increases the chances that pretty much everyone's favorites are included somehow (think leaving the Five and Jamie Braddock as NPCs).

    Also love the Valkyrie avatar!

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    Yes, no doubt whatsoever, [note]well, hmm, unless Rogue ain't in it, then frankly they can shove it right up their puckers[/note]

    I loved the first 2, I'm replayin' the first now, soloing with Rogue pretty much, she's large and in charge!

    They are what got me into the comics, so a good marketing ploy, well worth it X-Office, wink wink.

    Some great ideas in this here thread, I'd love to play though some classic stories and yep Krakoa would be wonderful.

    OP your cast is great, I'd be all in for them, I'd like Magma and Sunfire too though, for continuity, Magma having a skin like this...

    Which is maybe the image (seen in-game first) that got me buying into comics

    Also Northstar, Aurora, Wolfsbane, Banshee and Rockslide would be supercool too.

    For some villains; Marauders, Red Xavier Skull (think Scarecrow trippy AA level <3), Imperial Guard and all sorts

    Ultimate Alliance 2 was kinda awful, so sad, hurt me bad that. Story and too many duplicate powers got boring fast.
    Magneto, Storm, Jean and Sue all played the same, as did Psylocke, Black Panther and Dare Devil. Only really felt like a true roster of six. Green Goblin and Juggernaut were fun, and the fusions were fun but kinda repetitive too.

    Take cues from the Legends games, much more fun.

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    Theres lots of stories to choose from:
    1. Dark Phoenix Saga with Hellfire Club, Shi'ar, and maybe other mutant aliens
    2. House of M with an entire planet of mutants
    3. Messiah Complex/Messiah War/Second Coming
    4. Legacy Virus

    My roster choice:
    Emma Frost

    DLC: Hellion, Pixie, Anole, Rockslide
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    Bartender: Now calm down Skeeter they aint hurtin nobody.

    Skeeter: No! I wanna know som'in from the "O5" How come you cant go back to your own timeline in the first place and how come when Reed Richards "fixed" the universe you wasnt put back and how come the changes that happn to you dont happn to your present day selves?

    Bartender: Skeeter I dont want trouble

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