Man, I'd say this show alone was worth the price of admission for Disney+ that was an utterly fantastic first episode. With out spoiling it, with the reveal of just what the bounty was on at the end I'm hoping the rest of the series will sort of play off of Lone Wolf and Cub which would definitely fit in with the spaghetti western feel the show has going for it.

My only real gripe comes down to just how dark a couple of the scenes were, not tonally mind you but literally. I don' t know if those few interior scenes were just shot with low light and that's how they were supposed to look similar to the night episodes in the last season of Game of Thrones or if its an issue with my tv. I have a pretty good samsung tv and have never had an issue with brightness or contrast with anything else in the past but I've never changed the settings from where they were out of the box so perhaps this is a case where settings are important. Anyone else have that issue?