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Thread: The Mandalorian

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    Thought I'd join the conjecture, even though this post is almost a month old now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Craig View Post
    [*]Is there a Gideon clone still out there? Is that a role Kane will have or if not what becomes of her?
    Gideon clones surviving probably depends on whether they want to keep the actor, and I assume they will. And we don't know if the real Gideon is actually dead either. That armor was pretty badass, he could have survived.

    I'm guessing right now that the Thrawn movie might use Gideon clones instead of Jango ones. It'd just be a cool moment for the film.

    Kane, far as we know, is now a spy deep in enemy territory without any backup or an exit plan. Given what little we see of how Gideon deals with the rest of the Council, it's entirely possible no one else in the Empire even knows about Kane. What happens with her, and what she does now that Gideon's (presumably) dead is one of the most interesting wrinkles to me.

    [*]What will become of the Empire's Shadow Council and their plans? Thrawn?
    I doubt much changes. Gideon wasn't in charge to begin with and each member of the Council seemed to have their own territory/responsibilities to govern, and sharing resources seems to be a rare act. I'd assume they'll just give his fiefdom to someone else (maybe Kane, if anyone's aware of her?) and shuffle some stuff around to compensate for Gideon losing everything on Mandalore, and then it'll be back to business as usual. Without Gideon there trying to consolidate power, the remnants might even see a little less in-fighting. But overall, I don't think Gideon was as important to the Empire's future as Gideon himself thought he was.

    [*]Can the Dark Saber be repaired? Was it salvaged from that final fight?
    End of the day, it's just a lightsaber. Really old and culturally important, but still just a laser sword. I'm sure it could be repaired. How hard that is depends on where the story wants to go. It could be a simple, easy fix that happens off screen or a big, season long quest. I don't recall seeing it after the final battle, but I doubt anyone would just let it rust on the ground; even if Mandalore is giving up on the idea of the darksaber-as-Excalibur stuff, it's a historical relic of great importance.

    [*]How many more clans of Mandalorians are in exile? What amount of time is needed to clear and rebuild ONE good Safe Zone near/at/above the Great Forge?
    No idea how many other clans are in exile. Between older groups/clans splintering (like Death Watch) and new clans rising (like the Dins) there's no telling how many there are now. If other groups are as focused on raising new Foundlings as the Children, there could be a lot.

    But establishing a safety zone around the forge probably wouldn't be that hard. The Children of the Watch, and presumably others, are experienced at building bases in unforgiving places and the Mandos who never escaped the purge know their way around really well. It'd take years to rebuild the entire planet, and we don't even know if there's enough Mandalorians to populate the whole place, but a safe zone shouldn't be difficult for them.

    We can see how quickly Nevarro grew and expanded, and with the allies Din made this last season there could be plenty of help rebuilding.

    [*]Din is going to have case by case work in secret for the New Republic. Secret for how long?
    Probably not very long. Din isn't exactly great at keeping a low profile. But while Din is wanted for questioning for a few things, I think most of the risk is on Teva's part. Din taking bounties for the Republic isn't a big deal, he's been doing that since the start (bail jumpers and such). But Teva could possibly be charged with the misappropriation of funds, sharing classified intel, etc. All Din is doing is accepting jobs offered to him, but Teva offering non-sanctioned jobs means he's the one with his ass on the line.

    Looking forward to S4 already!!
    Same! Season 3 didn't tackle the stuff I hoped it would, and it was definitely the weakest season so far, but it was still good and I'm still excited to see where it leads.
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    Still kind of curious what happened to Sloane who was heavily used in the earlier post-ROTJ Disney EU a lot (Aftermath, the Kanan comic, Battlefront and most recently squadrons). Guess Hux kicked her out or worst. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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