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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Looking at that scene in the original trailer where Robotnik zaps himself with Sonic's quills, it's probably Sonic's energy that starts transforming him.

    A lot of people are speculating that the scene at the end of the last trailer with a relatively more game-accurate looking Robotnik was from Mushroom Hill (which is from Sonic & Knuckles).
    It's as good as theory as any. (It did look like this version of Robotnik was supposed to be a very eccentric guy from our world, not a denizen of Sonic's who also got ported over somehow.)
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    Sure, he looks more like the real Sonic...but unless they reshot the whole film to change it's plot the concept still seems uninteresting to me.

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    It definitely looks better, not something I intend on seeing with any urgency but the new design by Tyson Hesse is doing its job. Might be worth a Netflix watch or a dumb night at the theatre with friends.
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