First of all, I LOVED this issue.
Catwoman's narration gets us up to speed on how she found Raina Creel in ONE OF the Lazarus Pits, and why the zombies beat her so easily. Well, I don't understand that part. She already knew Raina has been trifling with magic to raise the dead...and this isnt the first time she's been surprised by zombies...but I digress. Also, Selina ruminates on how she fell in love with Bruce, and how she came to believe that Bruce couldn't be Batman unless he was miserable. The Joker and Holly R. definitely got in her head. You wouldn't think Selina would let their comments sway her, but when it comes to marrying Bruce, I'm sure she was especially nervous and uncertain about things - as most people are in affairs of the heart.
My favorite part of the issue is Joelle Jones's artwork, showing Catwoman's new Silver Age-inspired costume, her new motorcycle helmet with cat ears, and of course, the flashback montage of Selina in most of her old costumes.
This comic series's plot has had a very slow pace in its entirety, and most of the issues have very little narration (some, none at all), and I oftentimes feel a little shortchanged by previous issues. However, this issue actually does catch us up to speed, and reading the comic actually took more than 5 minutes, thank god.
OH! And one other thing....ZATANNA!