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    Default Does Peter have to avoid caffeine?

    If it's true caffeine makes spiders drunk, woul it make Peter drunk?

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    Is this a question of dosage? Would a caffeine in a cup of coffee get a 167 pound spider drunk?

    But this is an interesting question, and somewhat backed up by science.

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    Quote Originally Posted by williamtheday View Post
    If it's true caffeine makes spiders drunk, woul it make Peter drunk?
    The mandate is Peter Parker can never drink beer. Or generally be seen socially drinking.

    Coffee is fine.

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    Peter has some spider abilities/weaknesses (seem to recall that spider pesticide could be used against him), not all of them. I mean, in the comics, he doesn't have organic webbing, despite that being something spiders can naturally do. So, I could see him being immune to coffee.
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    I don't know about caffeine, but there was that one time that he got drunk and had to fight the Hobgoblin.
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    It would be kinda funny to have villains try to figure out weaknesses for superheroes and having it backfire. If someone tries dosing Spider-Man with caffeine, but doesn't take into account the relative change in body mass.

    Or maybe they'll start going with elaborate methods of exposing him to powdered caffeine (which could be dangerous to any person.)

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