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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman Begins 2005 View Post
    Yeah, I feel same way on everything you say.
    Quote Originally Posted by RD155 View Post

    Right now the title is stuck in a bit of a slump. There’s been some good moments sprinkled in through out but consistently this has been title that I’m just not excited for at the moment. I have faith that Spencer will pull it out though. He needs to stay away from these tie ins and get back to writing Peter/MJ and continuing along the Kindred Mystery.

    I really wish Gleason would’ve had a better opening story for his introduction into the world
    Of Spider-Man.
    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Warren View Post
    I agree that this is a weak arc. It's passable but not that engaging.

    Maybe I'll feel differently when it's all over but right now it's "just ok" with some cool bits here and there.

    I have total faith that things will rebound once it's over, though. One dud arc isn't enough to worry me.
    Oh good I thought I was the only one. I mean I love the setup, but the execution is just not doing it for me. It feels like we're legitimately getting two separate stories connected by a single thread. So I'm like..."Okay, what's the thread?" As of this issue, nothin'. No real connection other than spoilers:
    the Clairvoyant
    end of spoilers
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    Well, this was better than the last two issues, but yeah, it's just okay still...

    Miguel's role is disappointing, all he does is give some vague warning to Peter and then he disappears, for someone who got so much focus for this arc, doing just this is lame, maybe he'll return later and do something, but even then, if he's gonna be useful later, he shouldn't look so disposable now.

    This also has a problem of the last two issues of building up for something, so they're saying "Next time something will happen", while not showing much, this at least shows more than the last ones, but eh...

    The "future is dying" and Chameleon's plans happening at the same time also makes this story arc try to have too much at once too, and that's also a problem because it's not showing much with either.

    I do deduce that eventually Chameleon will get the Clairvoyant, and that'll combine both stories, which would be why "The future is dying", since Chameleon wants to destroy the world, but honestly, even if that's what happens, the building up for that could be better.

    Perhaps this story would be more fitting in a video game, this is the plot of one after all.

    Oh well, 5/10.

    Edit: Oh yeah, Doom being revealed to be a Doombot is cool, at least it means Doom isn't that much of a chump, and the Doombot army showing up in the skies was good.
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    It's always cool to see Dr. Doom make an appearance in the Spider-Man titles, but I never really cared for the world of 2099, so it was a mixed bag for me.
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    Just the latest in a string of average issues from Spencer. Giving him the benefit of doubt because of the event tie ins that may have hampered him (which now includes the 2099 stuff) but hoping he gets it back on track sooner rather than later. The Boomerang gig and Kindred to-be-revealed are getting pretty stale.

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