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    Wendell is more intelligent and educated than Kyle, but his powers are based on science. Kyle is more creative, and his ring is tech verging on magic, and often seems to function like ring of wishes. I could see this fight going either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Arbiter View Post
    Hmm. I would urge caution when using the Pheonix or the IG as measuring sticks. It leads to tricky power scaling and is hard to quantify, especially when compared to a characters overall history of generally being around his Class 100 peers in terms of presentation and feats.

    I'm also unfamiliar with the proposed "opening the gems" tactic. Clearly I dont know the guy as well as I think I do? Can he do this thing instantly at fight start or does it require some set up? Is it a standard thing he always has access to? I've never seen it discussed before. =)
    I don't think I've quantified my use of a singular IG blast (which appeared to be generic IG blast early on when Thanos just obtained the gems), or short term shielding against Phoenix's blasts, as a measuring sticks that Quasar consistently does but if a top-end feat is needed to counter the "spam multiple offensive options like creating anti-matter, generic blasts, vortexes etc... rifle them off in a combo" then there it is on panel - it'll take quite a little bit more to overwhelm Quasar with sheer power. Power output such as the examples you mentioned isn't something that Quasar usually 'tanks' - my two aforementioned examples were situation where he needed to - more often than not he'd shunt/absorb/deflect. Viewing either the IG blast or the Phoenix attack or even blocking Galactus eye beams on their own and it's "ehh... I don't know... maybe... " but taken together it lends credibility to the fact that Quasar can withstand a high impact power output for a short period of time. Galactus tier? Hell no. What worked for Quasar in those instances is all are cosmic energies which falls within the specific energies that the Q-Bands can deflect and such. If Dr Strange fired a generic mystical bolt at Wendell he'd be screwed if he tried to tank it.

    Okay, the context for the IG Blast: This event happens in between Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet. Eon had just died so the Mourners arrived to hold a wake inside Eon's body. Thanos crashes the event and starts insulting Eon. Quasar seems to talk Thanos down, Wendell turns around and addresses the Mourners. As his back is turned, Thanos fires a blast at Wendell. Quasar partially blocks and absorbs the energy; turning it into a big fist to punch Thanos.

    Context for Phoenix: This happens early on in Quasar. Exaclibur, or at least Phoenix, has been mind controlled by Modred. Quasar has contained Excalibur in one sustained construct (notably stopping Nightcrawler from teleporting out), keeping Modred contained in another sustained binding and lastly shielding himself from Phoenix blasts. Phoenix intensifies the attack causing Wendell to release Excalibur and weaken the bindings on Modred; weakened to the point that Modred breaks free. Wendell then creates a funnel that redirects Phoenix blasts and incinerates Modred.

    The 14 gems basically control how much power is released and/or absorbed by the bands. It's not overtly stated how many gems Quasar is using at any given time but for feats that put a strain on him there's been word/thought balloons saying he has to open up all 14 gems. There's no set up required AFAIK. Maybe Quasar is using all 14 gems at half capacity at all times, maybe he's using 2 gems at full capacity. I haven't read of one instance where it says how many gems he's using but only when he opens up all the gems. I'm trying to remember which issue and instance this happened as it's extremely rare instances, maybe twice in total, hence not being discussed. I wouldn't consider this an instant KO for Quasar but given the amount of energies he's absorbed without mentioning the 14 gems, it may be fair to say that any GL power output isn't going to surpass anything Wendell has already dealt with. Kyle needs something really creative to win.


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