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    Question Help please! 80's character with backpack and mask?

    Hi-I'm trying to find a comic book that my boyfriend used to read in the mid-80's. The main character was a man without superpowers. He wore a mask and a backpack. He shot blobs from another dimension. BF thinks his name may have started with an "L" and he may have once fought Wolverine. BF grew up in Turkey, but thinks it was originally an American comic that was translated. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    Thank you!

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    Have him go through this link that is a a list of Marvel Comic Characters who start with the letter 'L'.
    He can click on links for more info.

    Good luck.
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    Maybe night thrasher from new warriors??

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    The only character that comes to mind is Spider-Man but that was in the 90s during the clone saga. I think Ben Reilley at one point wore a mask and backpack and shot blobs of webs.

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