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    Quote Originally Posted by MyriVerse View Post
    Didn't like one, except more Claremont runs.
    lol, yeah, none of these runs hold a candle to our Lord Claremont!
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    Somewhat depressing list. Claremont's return was cut short for the garbage that was Casey and then Austen. (meanwhile Morrison is my #2 all time Xmen writer so perhaps it was worth it) Brubaker was a snooze fest. Seagal was ok bolstered more by the Bachalo (who was at his peak) and Kelly over at Xmen. Davis/Claremont III was average. I know I'm in the minority but I enjoyed Bendis. Fraction was cool and perhaps would have enjoyed Gillen more but the Greg Land art was a distraction.

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    I think Bachalo peaked in early Generation X/Gen NeXt. He occasionally still busts out a creative page design(loved some of his pages in Storm and Gambit:Curse of the Vampires or whatever that was), but overall his rendering is way, way down. Almost to near incomprehensible at times, and all his characters look the same(and have the same costumes). And for the love of the Goddess, do not let him 'color' his own work...
    Let the flames destroy all but that which is pure and true!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Factor View Post
    UXM never quite recovered, right?
    Yeah, it seems that not even Claremont himself could heavily shift opinion and have UXM recover, like you mentioned, probably partially because it was in a different state in 2000 than how it was in 1990, with a further emphasis on cross-writing between different titles and a change in the series tone and all.

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