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    Default The Shrike vs. The Nova Corps.

    Up next in our "shrike vs space police" world tour, we have 616 Nova Corps to contend with. Rich at his most powerful is leading them.


    Once a day, the Shrike will choose a civilian planet at random and slaughter it's population. This will happen a total of 30 times. Can the Nova's at the height of their power locate/stop/destroy/prevent the Shrike before the full month passes?

    Bonus: The Shrike attacks them head on at their strongest base of operations. They have an hour of notice before he appears.
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    The downside for the Novas is that, while Rich is green lantern ish in level, the others are decidedly NOT.

    I think the Shrike is just too fast for even Rich and Worldmind, given that the other Novas are basically useless against the machine.

    Otoh, in the bonus round, Rich can use Worldmind to amp and prep in advance, and they know where the attack is coming. They might at least be able to stalemate the thing in that case, and that's a win.
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    Nothing I can say that bigs hasn't already said. He's too fast in scenario one.
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