Iím Jonas Ranson, son of 2000AD illustrator Arthur Ranson.

Iím an artist & printer & run a screen print studio in East London and Iíve recently collaborated with my father on four fine art print editions of 2000AD artwork of my dads... All prints are signed & numbered by Arthur...

Itís given me great personal pleasure to have recently collaborated with my father on this series of screen prints featuring two characters from his work with 2000AD, Judge Anderson and Button Man.

Each edition has been carefully produced in close collaboration and consultation with my father, selecting his favourite drawings, and overseeing the production. Original drawings were scanned and taken into the digital process in order to create the four colour separation process needed to make the final prints.

Each print is printed to gallery standards using high quality Screentec Aqua Colour acrylic ink, on 310gsm archival paper. Each print is signed and numbered by Arthur.

I just wondered if itís something forum members would be interested in.

Details are here...


I'm just trying to find ways to reach the people who really appreciate Arthur's work and would appreciate the chance to buy his work in this format.

Members may not know already but It has now been announced recently that Button Man will now be made into a feature length movie by Director Brian Helgeland. Variety Magazine now reports that Helgeland has signed on to direct Button Man, which was previously known as Button Man: The Killing Game and is an adaptation the John Wagner and my fathers graphic novel

So this is an ideal opportunity to purchase something very special and exclusive, of gallery quality, and that has been made in close collaboration with Arthur, and printed by myselfÖ Arthurís son.

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