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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    He's a dead ringer for New 52 Supes, so I'm not sure why everyone is so down on him.
    I think the New 52 Superman looked awesome and powerful, and I like that costume. But Hoechlin does not remind me of him at all.

    To each their own. At least some like him, I don't get it, but oh well.

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    Not official but people taking a look have said the dead Superman might be Gerard Christopher?!
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    Friendlier Supermen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dispenser Of Truth View Post
    Not official but people taking a look have said the dead Superman might be Gerard Christopher?!
    If so, it's a shame he didn't get a speaking part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    Looks like Sacred got his New 52 inspired world for a few pages at least lol.
    In something I'm not following and quickly killed off, haha. Nice artwork though, and I credit CW and DC all-around for building this up the way they have. CW stuff just isn't my thing but they've crafted a methodical verse and big event, and now using comics to supplement it while also advertising it. Certainly can't trash them on the crafting and I certainly have no desire to. Its far more care than can be said for...other verses.

    I know my niece and nephews watch at least some of these shows, I'll have to ask them if they're following this well enough and if they're enjoying it.
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