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    Default Half/Bryan Story

    How it started.

    I developed Half/Bryan back in 1998. It was a side scroller game of a tower building and must reach the top without being seen. Soon after I worked on 2 other main games in the Half/Bryan series and was a first person shooter with cut scenes. The graphics to put it, were much like the game Goldeneye for the N64. There were the novels as well and the time line can be found on
    I decided to make comics here and there whenever I got time from work, witch is rare. I had comic images already done because they were originally slides for the making of the games time lines. So I decided to start focus on making the comic of half/bryan scenes since I don't have the software to develop games and it's been many many years and out of the loop of the new game developing witch I heard is much easier today to make then before.

    The story.

    Half/Bryan is about an agent named Bryan that works for the Severts and that it is his home country. The Severts took over the large island of Solalant and soon gave it back to the people but kept the other half of the island. Soon after military groups formed to try to take out Severt. The Half/Bryan series has lots of lore and some real history. If you like the Metal Gear Solid series or other similar series and history of war then you may like Half/Bryan.

    The series starts back in 1927 with Bryan sneaking into the PB Group tower base and then following into the timeline. I kind of did a George Lucas and started in the middle of the series and then I wanted to show what happened before the events of 1927. I had the Half/Bryan story / series done for a long time but didn't know how to publish or get it out there in the public. I contacted places to get it out there but got the cookie cutter messages of We value your interest in submitting a new idea but we don't take outsider fan made material. So I just finished working on doing comics for the series and have the General Luberin comic done.

    The Audio version:
    Above cover art of the Half/Bryan series

    Let me know your comments and I will see of working on the next comic.
    The website is more like a dictionary of the series. You can read the character bios and locations, vehicles.
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