didnt know how to call this.

But there are two things which I always find kind of strange:

1.) I always wondered why Conner was not so much shown to do Superman Style things.
With Superman Style things I mean doing more the save people things.

I mean yes there were some missions where he helped after Earth-Quake,Graduation Day where he helped to put out the fire etc. etc. etc.
and also when he and Steel stopped the two trains....

BUT! in general I was always wondering why Conner is more shown to fight, than to help people, catch airplanes etc. like Clark does.

Its something which I always kind of missed......

2.) He got his kryptonian powers later, BUT he seems to be rarely using other powers as flying,super-strenght,heat vision and invulnerability.
He seems to rarely use Freeze Breath,X-Ray Vision,Super-Breath...