some points which I am very interested in and I hope that DC will develop this in future with Conner:

1. Fighting Style
Conner has TTK+Full Kryptonian Powers

I dont understand why they dont let him use a fighting style like BLACK ZERO used.
The Doomsday Clone who was designed to capture Conner also combined TTK with his Powers.
Combining these 2 power sets.

It would give him an unique style with advantages over Clark/Jon/Kara.

2. Future:

We have seen many interesting Versions of a future Conner:

-Black Zero
-Sins of Youth Conner
-Titans of Tomorrow Conner

I really hope that Conner will also be permanently aged up, because these 3 Versions showed what Conner could be in the future and I think that Conners time as teenager is really up and he would benefit from the aging up.

I also think it would be REALLY STRANGE if Kon El keeps the Superboy Code-Name while Jonathan gets Superman.