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    No they are upset about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnafan View Post
    OMG! That's terrible! So, both Wonder Girls were retconned to either not know or have a direct connection to Wonder Woman?! Why are WW fans not more upset about this? Imagine if a couple of Robin's were retconned to a passing connection to Batman. Horrible! Just don't think that Diana or her supporting cast get the same treatment as the Bat or Sup family characters.
    Cassie has things better than Donna right now. Donna gets brainwashed by Batman Who Laughs and Diana is going off to save Supergirl based on previews. In DC comics everyone is second fiddle to Bat family characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCER View Post
    I'm confused: what exactly is the origin of the Wonder Girl appearing in the current YOUNG JUSTICE title? They showed Zeus in the series prior to him dying in that Darkseid nonsense over at WONDER WOMAN, and Cassie called him "Grandfather." So this means she is still Lennox's daughter? And is Lennox dead or alive? For that matter where is Cassandra? That's Cassie's origin that I remember before The New 52 ended -- Cassandra failed to trick Cassie to restore her voice, and Cassie was shocked to learn that both Cassandra and Diana are her aunts.

    In Rebirth, Cassie did not show up until the current YJ book, right? Where has she been?

    And I don't think Diana has mentioned her half-siblings other than Heracles since Rebirth either. (Is Heracles still a rapist in current continuity?).
    Well... half the Amazons might be Hercules's daughters...

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