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77 isnít that high, and again it dropped like a rock by issue#2. Which is also ordered before readers even gets their hands on #1. Bart, Cassie, and Connor were ĒreplacedĒ in the new 52 only after it was clear fans were rejecting what they were doing. Which to be fair the creators on them with the new #52 did a very bad job with them, so of course fans said no thanks. But that wasnít the intention, they didnít set out to make them different characters after the fact cause people responded so poorly to what they did with them.
YJ on the other hand was a return to form. DC giving fans what they thought they wanted with that gen. Bringing them back in their most recognizable forms, putting them in the hands one one of their top guys, and making it the flagship book of a new line to signify itís extra special. And they made Tim ďDrakeĒ cause Red Robin was DOA. Nothing they did with it hit, no one was was biting elsewhere with it, and it literally just became an imitation Robin. There is no reason for Tim to go back to Red Robin.
77,000 is high, if you consider that they came back after they werent in the comics for long time and they didnt appear in a Major Book like Superman or Action Comics at their Comeback.

The drop could have several reasons.
Like I said I like the YJ4 core characters, but I dont like the actual series.

Most recognizable forms ISNT TRUE!!!

-Cassie got a new outfit,new origin and lasso without powers and also her attitude is different.
Cassie is like a complete NEW Version of herself.
I am VERY disappointed by this

-Conner has a new look, based on his first costume, his attitude is bit based on Kessel...
I also would say that the Johns TT Version with black shirt is the more recognizable one, since he wears it also in the Anime.
I dont like particulary his appearance and attitude.
I would have prefered the more muscular Conner with more attitude.

So Cassie is (for me) a COMPLETE NEW Version of herself and this Conner is also kind of new for me...

-Red Robin worked well in Pre-Flashpoint (Outfit with the cowl)
I like this outfit more than DRAKE outfit which I find horrible, because of the colors etc.

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Now they are not gonna make them the new Titans, cause they donít like the Titans. They donít want to invest in a young adult generation between TT age and JL. They had that, and they purposely tanked it. Despite the Rebirth series doing better then they expected, even with its mediocre creator support and poor quality, and even though elsewhere the company was launching a Titans show.
As far as I understood there will be a general aging up because of 5G, which would also mean that Tims Generation will become older and be the age class between TT and JL.

I hope that they will change the direction of the current YJ Series soon.

Like I said already I dont like the actual storyline, because I feel like its leading nowhere and it isnt a major storyline...

The ANIME YOUNG JUSTICE works better, because it let the Teams grow up, become older and take over more mature missions.