Am I the only one where I can totally be in love with a game, but the daily grind of being in an alliance just completely burns me out?

It seems almost every mobile game I've played has an alliance or guild feature, and of course the bigger rewards are reserved for them.
So, you'd be crazy not to be in an alliance or guild.

But being in an alliance can often be very invasive.
You become required to log in each day and spend most of your time doing activities for them, putting off any of your own tasks in the game until later.
And timed events, like Boss Battles, Alliance Wars/Raids and the such, may have you having to log in outside your normal play time just so you don't get kicked for not helping.

I think I've gotten to the point where all I want from an Alliance/Guild is:
1. A chat group
2. Weekly quests that can be done any time before the week is over.
3. A shared bonus received by filling with a resource gained by normal play.
4. A weekly or monthly leaderboard for the alliance based on normal solo play.

When being in an alliance makes me feel that the game has become a job, it's time to find another game.

Does anyone else have a problem with alliances in games?
Or have you found that perfect balance that makes being in an alliance actually fun?