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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaddle View Post
    I don't think Fantastic 4 as a horror film was the best choice, that been said, I do wish they had planned it right and it had less studio interference but it does expose a lot of what went on. Trank should still have a career after this movie though.

    A very good point raised. perhaps why I always prefer for a director to just walk away and say the usual creative differences than stay on witness their film crash and burn and then start complaining about it.

    Trank should have walked, Fox never really cared, they only made the film when they realised if there was no F4 movie by 2015, the rights would go back to marvel. you can't make a movie on that thinking and expect it too succeed, its just another form of bad film making by studios.
    You're laying out exactly why Trank got the blame while wondering out loud why that very thing happened...

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    Quote Originally Posted by XPac View Post
    We should start trending for a Trask cut to find out for sure.

    Might make for a nice DVD boxed set along with the Snyder Cut.
    There is something poetic about lost causes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banner View Post
    Someone put a lot of effort into finding info about the production:

    This movie was destined to experience a lot of backlash from the internet community no matter how it turned out since it was seen as a rights grab, as already mentioned in the original post. The rights were just about to return to Disney, and so Fox rushed the whole thing.

    Trank did have huge ambitions for the movie, but the script had to be amputated and edited to such degree that it was just a shadow of its former self according to the rumors. And the budget ended up being much smaller as well. Especially the ending suffered from all of this. Crash Test Doom could easily have killed them all, but was still defeated. And he had zero motivation for trying to destroy the Earth.
    So I do get that Trank feels a little bitter about the whole experience.
    That is an incredible read. So to summarize- Trank thinks he's Kubrik, but in reality he's Ed Wood.

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