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    Default Spider-Man The Animated Series fan comic

    Ran across this fan comic that continues the 90s Spider-Man Animated series. Really liked the first issue hope it continues.
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    Looks really interesting, but I would like to know how Morbius became human again, and how Captain America managed to escape from the Matter Antimatter Vortex if the Beyonder sent him back to where he was.

    By the way, very funny they founded this world's version of the Avengers (still looking for a name), but Iron Man should be there instead of War Machine. And since Storm was like their version of Thor in the Secret Wars, she should be there instead of Wolverine.

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    Yeah, Wolverine doesn't make sense as an Avenger there as he didn't join in the comics until Bendis's run in 2004. Storm wouldn't make sense either for the same reason - she only joined just before AVX (which forced her out). The only X-Man that would've made sense as an Avenger in the 90s is Beast.
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    Would like to see more world-building in this too. Morbius became human again because Felicia/Black Cat went through an off-screen effort to revert him. And somebody somehow managed to free Cap from the vortex, then establish him as being back in the "present day" long enough that they'd entrust him with forming a superhero team. We need context for these in that magnificent fan-sequel.

    Morbius returning to being a researcher post-reversion is okay. What is Felicia doing when not in costume though? Her wealthy socialite background was kind of played up in the series, and some buildings in the 3D NY skyline have "HARDY" in big letters on them. Maybe she goes into business a la Harry?

    And why not start putting other X-Men in these Avengers early?
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