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    Default What's currently your favorite SW collectable item and why?

    Irrespective whether you currently own it, or you never have and/or you have little, or no chance to for whatever reason (like it's no longer produced for example),
    what's currently your favorite ever Star Wars collectable and please say why for anything named. If you have a top 3, 5, or top 10, that's fine.

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    As a member of the 501st Star Wars group I get a lot of people mistaking me for Darth Vader. Even if you go in a dress uniform you wouldn't believe how common it is to be mistaken for him, it's actually so common some of the Tie pilots actually make jokes about it.

    On my first troop a kid mistook me for Darth Vader and I was so amused by this I bought the Darth Vader blade builder from the nearby shop after the troop. It's been my favorite lightsaber prop ever since. Every troop as well since then I've actually made it a habit of purchasing something Vader related. In my house we've joked that after enough troops that Vader might just end up my next approved costume.

    I own a black series Stormtrooper helmet, a Tie Pilot helmet that I personally worked on and you don't even need to be a costumer in order to appreciate things like that. I also have a Stormtrooper armor that may or may not become a Zombie TK.
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    Books are my favorite things, overall, but I have liked some of the action figures of favorite characters.
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