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    Default Fanfics BETTER than the original movie, comic, tv show (etc.)...

    I"m reading some "interesting" fan fics about Dani and Grace from Terminator : Dark Fate . Grace goes back A WEEK EARLIER and spends more time scoping out the place and time instead of showing up at the last second before the REV-9 tries to kill her (duh!). Dani spots her working at the factory and invites her out for clubbing with her friends. They end up going home and *********, ******* and some ******* as well!

    Much as I love that movie (and hope to see it a few more times) going back earlier might have been a better idea.

    What are some OTHER fanfics that improve on the original in some ways?

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    There is a fanfic titled "Firebirds" which changes AvX into something that is actually good, and also makes sense as a bonus.
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