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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    No one at DC right now feels like they have the kind of star power this would need. Morrison and Johns aren’t doing JL again. I guess Bendis might take up the job? Willamson could also be the person they want, he’s part of the Snyder inner circle along with Tynion. King has a mixed rep after his Batman run. Honestly I feel like DC would either need to get Hickman or someone new to be able to get people interested.
    Bendis is out of the running unless he was to give up Superman, I reckon. Between both Super books, Young Justice, his creator owned Jinxworld imprint, and Legion of Super Heroes, he has a lot on his plate already.

    Williamson would make sense, as his Flash run should be ending soon.

    I can see Hickman coming in later, but not in 2020. He's out of the running as long as he's in charge of the X-Men.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superlad93 View Post
    I don't disagree at all. I just think the plan is to relaunch it with the new Batman and Superman.

    I genuinely wouldn't know who would or should take over if Williamson left when 5G hits. Priest would be my ideal, but that seems unlikely given the infamous interview that's just now come to my attention.
    Is it the Vampirella interview he did with Newsarama back in July?

    Quote Originally Posted by lemonpeace View Post
    If we're going radical with the roster, why not go different with the writer? I'd like to see Christopher Priest take on the new Justice League for an extended time, since he's all but completely wrapped up on Deathstroke
    Priest's work tends to be more grounded/gritty but maybe with a new cast, he'd have better results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robanker View Post
    I'm with Frontier, Jeff Parker is a good choice. Underrated as hell.
    Jeff Parker is so underrated. He'd be a great choice.

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    Yeah Parker could be a good fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dispenser Of Truth View Post
    I think Tom Taylor would be the best for kicking off 5G Justice League, in terms of selling a new group dynamic to a skeptical audience; Orlando once he's done.
    Taylor seems very likely. DCeased has raised his profile considerably and his Suicide Squad would be a solid in continuity trial run.

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    Tom Taylor would actually be pretty rad.

    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    Is it the Vampirella interview he did with Newsarama back in July?
    Yup, that's the one. It's a situation of a foot being firmly in mouth.

    Priest's work tends to be more grounded/gritty but maybe with a new cast, he'd have better results?
    His run on DS let him do quite a lot over the 50 issues such as creating his own super team. They were call Defiance, and it was made up of Slade, Tanya, Wallace, Joey, Rose, and Terra. The team dynamic and interpersonal interactions were on point as hell.

    And I noticed that he seemed to gravitate towards new legacy characters like Tanya and Wallace, so I think he'd be down for what would assuredly be a more diverse Justice League team taking on the roles of their mentors.

    Seriously, the tragic interview aside, the dude is an outstanding writer, and his 50 issue run of Deathstroke was, in my opinion, the most consistently quality book DC put out in years. And his writing--ironic given the interview--has such a great ear for the contemporary while somehow remaining evergreen. In my opinion, that would be what a 5G JL book needed along with undeniable quality and consistent writing. The dude got me to read 50 issues of Deathstroke and enjoy every minute.

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