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Thread: Black Cat #7

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    Black Cat#7 was yet another great story of Black Cat.
    I am enjoying the Black Cat and her Crew against the Thieves Guild.
    Did not knew there were so many Thives Guild actually,it was just with Nick Spencer stories of Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man that i remembered about them again,all though i know there are relevant in the Gambit stories,i will be reading the first Gambit ongoing comic books to know more about the main villains of the Black Cat comic book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidey5640 View Post
    Anyone else getting the vibe that Black Fox might be a vampire since he made that comment about having had another run-in with Dracula?
    Black Fox - The original intent on him was that him, whose been a criminal since his youth, a few generations past, but now an aged criminal, in a period of super heroes.

    I prefer him an ordinary human old man, who rather than retiring into quiet living, has chosen to still be a burglar, with his wits, and extraordinary luck, from his many run-ins with Spider-Man, as well as surviving an encounter with Doctor Doom when he stole an heirloom that belonged to his mother, and going toe-to-toe with Black Cat at least once, apparently twice since he's in her series.

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