Hi all and thanks for reading my post. Im new and this is mty 1st post.

I'm private collector of 2000AD and Judge Dredd vintage comics. I've been collecting 2000AD since #1 and have what I think is an excellent collection of high grade issues. I'm looking to make contacts around the world who are also in to 2000AD 'The Galaxy's Greatest Comic'. Apart from collecting I sell back issues to folk all over the world, run a private face book group that you can get to via www.judgedredd.net and help folk find rare 2000AD back issues, signed work and artwork etc. It's all about the Thrill Power and having it in the top original format quality. I've got about 1000 positive feedback in the last year and I'm working on an idea for a start-up project.

I'm keen to know who are people's favorite 2000AD characters and why?

Which are folk looking forward to the most; the Judge Dredd live action TV series or the Rogue Trooper film?

What was the 1st issue of 2000AD you bought?

And most importantly to chat with 2000AD fans and active collectors all over the world.

Reply and message me. Just say hi!

I'm new.