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    Default More Ironman in the MCU??

    Just asking since there seems to be no way we could get Ironman 4.

    I would think its possible to have something done in the Captain Marvel movies sort of like how Winter Soldier and Falcon along with everything from Civil War kind of took a life of its own. Hell I'd say that Captain America Civil War was really an Avengers movie for all the different things it kicked off and that spun out of it like even Bkack Panther.

    So im just thinking of the whole Arno Stark thing. Him becoming the new Ironman but his whole origin with the Kree and 451 whatever could be an interesting tie in to a Captain Marvel movie. There could be alot of different ways to go the whole thing or maybe it could actually just be Ironman 4. Either way I think the Arno Stark story would make for some good stuff either in movies or a tv show

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    Rhodey as War Machnine, Iron Patriot, or Iron man is utterly dependent on Don Cheadle. However we're more likely to see him step in given he's been around long enough you don't need an origin film. Marvel already has the working relationship with him and so it's down to a revision of his contract. Still dependent on him outside of any appearances remaining but he's more likely to be Iron man than anyone.

    We also have the rumored coming of Doctor Doom who had only a couple of years ago had a spin as Iron man. A Spin-off as Iron man or a Doctor Doom movie inspired by Infamous Iron man is also likely.

    Arno Stark was never introduced in the MCU and unlike in comics, on film it's an ass pull. On film this coming after well over a decade of appearances never being mentioned once where a brand has a more definitive shelf-life is awkward. In comics it's always somebodies first where time moves slower and continuity is taken in the broad strokes because you reasonably can't account for the myriad of appearances since 1960. Comics are capable of a fast and loose approach but film is different especially so for a franchise that finished its trilogy before the brand was 10 years old. So you're about to open a whole can fo worms especially for a foundation franchise to just introduce Arno as is.
    You're more likely to see an Iron man reboot where Arno is once again Tony's cousin and while smart isn't nearly enough to build a suit of his own (he originally bought it).
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    I'd see them just passing the torch to Rhodey or bringing in someone new. There's always Riri Williams or Iron Lad from Young Avengers.

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