I know this match has been done a bunch of times, but hear me out. My buddy and I were discussing this match irl and I was going over how I thought Sentry had a decent counter to everything Norrin could toss out and would slowly overtake the guy with AoE blasts and so on. We were arguing with each other from a Rumbles perspective - meaning same rules, Arena etc.

He actually changed my mind. In the past, I have argued on here that Sentry wins, but now I feel like Surfer has the advantage, at least in standard Rumbles matches.

His argument (and now mine I suppose) is that despite Sentry's ability to return from having his molecules scattered, he's not flat immune to it and Surfer has plenty of transmutation stuff. The second time Sentry returns from Molecule Man scattering seems to take more then 10 seconds (going off of memory). Even if you feel he can come back in just under 10 seconds, say 7 or 8, Norrin will then have flooded the Arena in a black hole singularity. Not that either thing can kill Sentry off alone or even combined, but it should be able to slow down his molecules from reassembling before the 10 count.

What do you guys think? Sound workable? Or am I forgetting some instance where Sentry doesn't even need a body to act?

Bonus: New Merged Sentry vs Surfer with Quantum Bands