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  • Scott Snyder

    36 69.23%
  • Tom King

    16 30.77%
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    King's run isn't over yet, won't be really until the Bat-Cat series is over. So for now, holding back judgement.
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    Ha this is a pretty charmingly competitive-for-no-reason thread but I did immediately have a chuckle and an answer.

    On everything else, Tom King seems to be a better writer to me. Mister Miracle, that GL one shot. I even like his Superman story. I'm looking forward to Strange. He's done some great one-shots and shorts. And Omega Men was lovely. Grayson is my favorite comic to come out in the last however half decade. Half of that is Seeley, but still, credit where credit is due. Their work-balance was perfect.

    But on Batman, it's Snyder. I was a strong critic, too. But he has too many high highs and wins, even with the added weight of the New 52 mandate. Snyder's really winning me back with Justice League, by the by, because I think he's better at this gigantic zany weirdness than he was with Batman stories.
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    I like 'em both better than Morrison's run.
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