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    Default The Marvel Universe vs The Deadpool Who Laughs

    Basically, a scenario where Deadpool is sniffing around one of Norman Osborn's old warehouses/supply caches. In the process, he is exposed to the green goblin serum triggering a transformation in him similar to what the Batman Who Laughs underwent. His mind and soul are otherwise transformed into something truly evil and his singular driving thought now is madness and slaughter without the slightest regard for old friendships, rivalries or allegiances. The rest of the Marvel universe is otherwise unaware of this transformation giving Deadpool the element of surprise.

    My question is can Deadpool wreck the same level of havok in his world that the Batman Who Laughs did in his, essentially killing every last hero, villain and person in the world?


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    I mean he did that in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe without the knock-off Judge Death cosplay.
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