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    Quote Originally Posted by big_adventure View Post
    Eh, Matt was playing Heimdahl too, though, and that's a pretty big edge on "Valkyrie."
    True, but I think that Bullseye got the Valkyrie sword after Matt lost the power of Heimdall ^^ (but was it before he got in that accident?... Ugh, comic-book timelines...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpandpointies View Post
    I agree that it's interesting. I have zero issues with reading it, and it's a good write on actions and consequences. I'm enjoying it.

    The nerf does feel particularly...excessive, is all. Not in that it 'ruins the character' or somesuch, but that it's senselessly huge.

    It's that, and it's that Matt was a dick in other ways. Mindy had good reasons to be honked off at him.
    i know. honestly, she got off easy. but then again, the gang war is starting and the owl has gone nuts so she's not out of the woods yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Drunkard Kid View Post
    I don't know that I would say Joker is *significantly* below peak human, at least in terms of some of his stats. His speed, especially, is something that Batman has commented on being sufficient enough to actually land clean hits if Bruce doesn't bring his A game, and he has landed at least one hit on R'as AlGhul. And that's to say nothing of his freakish soak.
    Yeah. Joker is defintely being undersold here. Even with the newest reveleation, I'm not sure you could say Matt is much faster. Like a spar is still a spar. Batman has tagged Wonderwoman in spar for instance... Matt explictly has improved of course, but it's still iffy.

    Still give Joker the win if he has a gun or knife at this point.

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