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    Default Can Sadako or Kayako possibly kill Edward Cullen if she/they were to haunt him?

    Lets say if that breaking cursed videotapes and TV screens where Samara/Sadako is in or even tossing them/it far away from him wouldn't do anything to get rid of her presence while Kayako (especially the one from the American reboot) may begin haunting him if she manages to reach any location where Edward is here.

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    How exactly does the curse kill people in this scenario?
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    Doesn't the Japanese version's curse explicitly work by causing heart attacks? I don't think it would work on this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpandpointies View Post
    How exactly does the curse kill people in this scenario?
    Like by reality warping (especially the illusions), her physical strength, killing intent via paralysis, hair attack & probably possession.
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    I recall in some grudge movies, Kayako just straight up disappearing people. She manifested in some phone booth and the girl was just gone, and iirc later came back as a ghost.

    If the characters get dumped in some sort of void space then maybe, unless the victims are just teleported to the house.

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