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    Red face Sly as a Fox - Lucas "Luke" Fox and the Fox family appreciation thread

    eh, the Foxs are looking to be playing a bigger role in the near future so why not show some appreciation for the family with best batsuit in the game

    DC Forum Appreciation Thread rules:

    1) No negative comments about the honoree of this thread. It's an appreciation thread, not a non-appreciation one.

    2) No negative discussion about any competitors of the honoree of this thread (i.e. John Stewart in the Hal Jordan thread). No ifs, ands, or buts. Find another non-appreciation thread to do that, just not here.

    3) No negative comments about other versions of the character. For example, if you like the DCU version of Cyborg, but hate the DCnU version (or visa versa), just appreciate the earlier version and keep your comments about the latter to yourself.


    Created by:Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti (writer) Eduardo Pansica (artist)

    First Appearance: Batwing #19 (April 2013).

    Skills and Abilities: Luke is an intellectually gifted young man, having graduated a year early with two degrees from MIT, one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Similar to his father, Luke is a highly skilled engineer, having accomplished feats such as developing bulletproof smart fabric for his college thesis, defusing a nuke, upgrading and creating both his Batwing suit and Jean-Paul Valley's Azrael suit, and being tasked to help update the Belfrey for the Gotham Knights. Luke was even offered a job at Wayne Enterprises, which he refused in order to pursue his own ideals and run Foxtech.

    Luke was a world class boxer and mixed martial artist before being recruited by Batman, having participated in various point system based tournament fights since he was 16. Like Bruce, Luke has also traveled the globe learning from several different martial arts masters, most notably:

    - Kubi Nage a Judo/Jiujitsu throwing technique from Sensei Tsunemoto.
    - Armed spear Kung Fu, "Shaolin Red Eagle Spear," taught to him by Master Chu Chin Li.

    Essential Reading

    The Fox Family:
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    Naomi was great, pass it on...
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    Love Luke and Lucius and Tam. Kinda "eh" about Tiffany, but she's still cool.

    Awesome choices of pics!

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    I found it funny that in the comics he started out as a younger lighter Tony Stark while in the animated movies he was more like Rhodey.

    I didn't read Tynions run on Tec so I can't judge that. I'm neutral to him taking over for Alfred in Tynion's run or 5G.

    For the animated movies, I thought about adapting Superheavy from the Snyder/Cappulo run with him instead of Gordon. It's an odd choice but having Luke be a public Batman is an interesting idea. Plus he's already an established hero so it's an easier sell than explaining why we are using Gordon.

    Just saying, it could be fun. His actual solo could also be adapt but you'd have to write it with a different Luke in mind. I wouldn't mind if Movie Luke and David had a team up. Maybe he was stationed in Zambibe?
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    I wonder if Luke will ever become Batwing on the TV show.

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