I know you all read this. Stop being lazy.

- After the scene with Sebastian in preview, it's revealed that he's meeting with Xavier and the Five to resurrect his son, Shinobi. There's a couple of Duggan comedy scenes with Pyro.

- Sebastian introduces Shinobi to the Black Keep and after having his son change into a red suit, they leave for Manhattan.

- At the Manhattan gate, Daddy Shaw uses his powers to chase away some flatscan cultists. Dad explains to Shinobi what happened when he died with the Krakoa scheme and his version of what Emma's deal with Xavier + Magneto was.

- They then travel to Tokyo on Shinobi's request so Son can meet one of his acquaintances.

- Data pages of Bishop and Shadowcat.

- Scene cut to the Shaws at Black Keep. Dad tells Son that he needs him to act as his Black Bishop. Shinobi says he'll do it but he needs to know how he died. An earlier page reveals Xavier removed the memory of death as shown in Rosenberg's UXM. Sebastian tells his son that it was Emma's and Kitty's doing. End.

Score: No action? Whack/10