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    Default Mandalorian characters in other media

    Given Cara's past with the rebellion, is it too much of a stretch that she might say, make a cameo in one of Marvel's STAR WARS comics or something like that? Or the "Client" commanding a Star Destroyer or something like that? IG-11 meeting IG-88 etc?

    I think while the Mandalorian and young Yoda species background should stick to the show, I wouldn't say that's necesarilly true of the other characters.

    While it might seem a bit small universe Disney hasn't been too shy with that aspect. Both Rogue One and Solo took elements from Clone Wars (Saw Gerrera and Maul surviving and becoming a crime lord) as has the Mandalorian. Hera and members of her crew have shown up in the other media-Hera in many of the Marvel comics, and of course the Ghost had a cameo in Rogue One (Some say they've spotted it in one of the ROS trailers).
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    The Bounty Hunters Guild seems interesting and could be expanded upon in novels (even if a collection of short stories) and comic books. And I'm game for more Cara Dune and IG-11. It would be a story on how the "Client" was able to get such a large amount of beskar, was he part of the purge? I can see others using the Mandalorian secondary characters as a spring board for other stories... I have spoken.
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    With Filoni, Fiege, and Faverua taking over SW, I'm willing to bet we see more cross pollination and MCU-style crossovers.
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