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    Quote Originally Posted by married guy View Post
    One of the BEST stories to come outta DC period.
    Go read this book NOW! You'll be glad you did as it is simply brilliant.
    Wow, with praise like that, I guess I have to find this one ASAP!
    ďFleeing through the labyrinths with the hordes of the living dead fast upon them;
    Once again they found themselves trapped in front of the abyss.Ē

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    Quote Originally Posted by j9ac9k View Post
    I would highly recommend:
    JLA: The Nail
    JLA: Another Nail
    The Golden Age
    Oh! And of course the Brilliant Darwyn Cooke's (RIP) "NEW FRONTIER"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    My favorites:
    Superman & Batman: Generations
    Superman & Batman: Generations II
    JLA: The Nail
    Justice League of America: Another Nail
    Superboy's Legion
    These (especially Generations), plus the two Liberty Files runs and the two Thrillkillers runs.
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