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    Valeria: "What up, bitches."

    Krakoa people: "Gasp! How did you get here and know all our plans?"

    Valeria: "Well, my dad is a supergenius who helped restart the multiverse, so I've seen a lot of this shit before. More then the 9 or 10 lives of a certain somebody, lol. Also I'm a super genius, and willing to be THAT BITCH when I have to be."

    *Emma and Valeria get into an anime glare-off

    Valeria: "Also I called my favorite Uncle."

    Doom: "So I heard you were talking shit to Sue."

    Krakoa people: "Doom! How did you get here?!"

    Doom: "DOOM GOES WHERE DOOM PLEASES! Now release my nephew before Reed gets here and goes all 'Maker' on your asses. If you're scared of me, just wait to see that."

    Xavier: "Fine. I left a bunch of mental traps in his head anyway."

    Franklin: "Not anymore. I'm basically God, so no, I don't think so."

    Sinister: "I still have his DNA. We can make super soldier chimeras of him."

    Franklin: "Check again."

    Sinister: "Damnit!"

    Franklin: "I also just saw the future, and boy, let me tell you guys...."

    Xavier: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't say it you'll ruin the suprise!"


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    I would point out that if Sue believes there’s anything influencing Franklin choosing Krakoa, she’ll probably go to Namor, who probably is still annoyed about how well Xavier’s “therapy” worked out

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