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Thread: Lois Lane #6

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    This was a great issue and is the best exploration of Sam and Lois’ relationship I’ve read period. Sucks that you have to read Event Leviathan to know how Sam died but it’s a great character exploration.

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    The Lois and Jimmy titles are the only Superman-related ones I've been buying, so this issue left me with a lot of questions. When Jon returned from space some 6 or so years older than when he left, who (other than Clark and Lois) has yet seen him to know about the change? In particular, at the funeral we see Jon with Lucy and with other people who presumably know that Lois's son is about 10 years old. How has the aging been explained to them? Do they all know that Jon is half-alien and romps around in space?

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    This is the best issue of LOIS LANE so far, and by a country mile.

    The 6th issue made me realize what I had wanted the maxi-series to focus on all along: Lois Lane's own backstory, especially the parts before she meets Clark in ant way.

    Her sneaking out at night as a teenager? I want the exile night.

    Her winning her first award? I want the whole story.

    Her and Lucy's relationship? More of that, please.

    And way, way, less of Renee Montoya, whom I couldn't care less about. I hate the way she's hijacking a story that should be all about Lois.

    I guess this maxi-series works be a lot more satisfying if it didn't have to bow down to current events in the larger Superverse and DCU.

    Still, this issue gets a 9/10 for me.

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    I'm really liking the writing and art on this book, despite the plotlines clearly getting hijacked by the main books.

    Honestly, the storylines would make more sense as an ongoing, where you would normally have "breather" issues to catch up on current DCU events.

    Even still, I loved the Lucy/Sam/Lois interactions in #6, and would love to see more of that. We honestly have seen very little of Lucy since the whole Superwoman storyline many moons ago. (The Lucy-Superwoman, not Lana-Superwoman...)

    Even still, Rucka is nailing Lois' voice and I'm still looking forward to the second half.

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    Is it just me or was this totally independent from issues #01-05? I mean I get it was a tie in with event leviathan and it had the character stuff, but I thought there'd be a little progression of the plot I had been following in previous issues

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