Was this supposed to be a permanent thing or was it always temporary? Initially when this came out I was kind of annoyed about it because my favorite heroes were being shuffled aside but after thinking about it, this is something that has happened before. There have been multiple Captain Americas. Sam Wilson seemed like a good choice. He had been with Cap since the 70s. I would've gone with Bucky, though. For Jane Foster Thor, I'm not really sure why she was chosen. Thor had enough female supporting cast they could have put into that slot, Lady Sif, Valkyrie. Jason Aaron seems to REALLY like writing for Jane as he still is currently. But with Thor you had Erik Masterson before him, plus multiple people who could lift his hammer. I think Aaron's big mistake in that regard was pushing Jane for no reason to lift the hammer other than having a good heart. Plus de-emasculating Odin to turn his hammer into the be all to end all of his powers, when he was perfectly capable of fighting on his own without his hammer. And now having him lose fights and become a punching bag for Captain Marvel. With Hulk, Amadeus Cho although seems like he was chosen as a POC, the character had been around since 2005 and had established a relationship with Bruce Banner so it sort of made sense. Iron Man-James Rhodes had been IM for a bit in the 80s and to my knowledge, I don't think there was a public outcry against him then. Not sure why he wouldn't have been picked again instead of Riri Williams, but at least we had hologram Tony. And an interesting story with Doctor Doom Iron Man. I think the only ones who didn't change were Peter Parker and Matt Murdoch. So, all in all we got 2? 3 years maybe of this before the status quo was returned? So, not bad for those wanting their characters returned. I wonder if that's why Bendis left in November 2017 to go to DC?