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    Quote Originally Posted by Electricmastro View Post
    From what I've seen, despite the many complaints about such bigoted fans, there were very few that were like that, more likely wanting to ruin others' fun time more than anything else and not caring to be constructive either.
    From your circles maybe, but for anyone else, it's a different story. And even with just a 'few' of the bigoted fans, there are still enough of them that'll want to ruin things for everyone. Doesn't help that some non-bigoted fans aren't any better in that regard given their narrow-mindedness and uncomfortably on getting out of their comfort zones on trying new things and giving them an actual shot.

    If nothing else, that noise should just be ignored whenever possible, because as far as the comics themselves are concerned anyway, I think that quality is what really matters in the end, and of course the aforementioned constructive criticism to go along with it.
    So long as the constructive criticism towards any book is fair and reasonable.

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    They undone most of it. Probably only Miles worked out.

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