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    Okay. Things.

    1: If Thor is immune to his lightning, then Ares is immune to lightning as well (which is clearly not true). They both have the /identical/ feats of calling lightning down onto and through their bodies, complete with generating surges of power straight out of their hands with no bolts descending from the sky. Thor never gets struck by lightning that he isn't actively generating. Using your own attack as evidence of immunity to something just feels off to me. It's like saying "heat can't hurt superman because heat vision doesn't burn his eyes". His eyes are the conduit for the attack. They are channeling the energy he is summoning. It's not the same as Zod blasting him with HV. Thor's (and Ares') bodies are the conduit for their attacks. They are channeling the energy they are summoning. Yet Ares can't resist an opponents lightning. I don't see why Thor gets a pass when he never has an example of ignoring an opponents lightning. They summon and ignore their own power imo.

    2: I intended this thread as pre-powerup Thor with Mjolnir. Sorry for the confusion. Like up to and including his first fight with Surtur. Sorry for the confusion - not sure if much changes here.

    3: I still think this is a close match up. Mileage CLEARLY varies away from my belief here lol, but I'm cool with saying Thor simply can't solo this group. Even speed equalized, I feel like Diana alone is a tough match up for the guy. Not that I think she wins a majority even. Just that she's going to take real effort to finish off and would require his full attention.

    Hulk and Aquaman seem like the most even combatants here.

    Ares is a good counter for Loki and Valkyrie imo. He's a swiss army knife.

    If Thor can take out Diana quickly and easily (which clearly I doubt) then he joins with his allies and starts turning the tide HARD. But same goes for if Ares beats his likely opponents as well.
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    My reply there is that, for the biggest lightning blast in the history of lightning, he bring that down and it basically explodes the front of the palace. Hela is at the very least stunned a bit. Thor... Immediately jumps something well over a kilometer. He didn't channel it through his body. He just brought down a strike. It does nothing to him at all.

    And it's a strike that's waaaaaay past anything Ares does or that Diana deals with.

    At the end of the day, Thor does, oh, 100 times as many things with lightning as Ares, and on a much higher power scale.

    To put it another way: Ares can channel some lightning, but clearly isn't immune to it, as he's blasted by it quite convincingly.

    Thor? Not so much. Lightning hits him without being channeled through him and he's fiiiiiine. Now, I'll not no-limits this: there may well be some limit beyond which he can't no-sell, but that limit is beyond anything we see dealt by anyone here.

    Mileage may vary.
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