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    Quote Originally Posted by C_Miller View Post
    Michael Burnham being called a Mary Sue might be the biggest example of the pervasiveness of sexism in Sci-Fi fandoms. Her first actions in the show lead her to getting her Captain killed, starting a war and then convicted of treason. 90% of male characters don't suffer the same consequences for their similar actions. And on top of that, they spend a whole season allowing her to earn her respect back. If you don't like her as a character, that's fine. Not every character is for everyone, but to say she's a Mary Sue might mean you have to look internally about how you view female characters.
    Quoted for truth.

    The Burnham one is just something else. The creators of the show went out of their way to show she's terribly flawed. Captain Kirk or Jean Luc Picard she is not. The reason people take issue with her is because they aren't comfortable seeing a black woman in a leading role who isn't a slave, housewife or some sexualised object placed solely in the film for male gaze.

    Regarding Rey, like I said earlier, shes overpowered and has been written as near perfect. Still doesn't make her a Mary Sue because she's not a creator insert and shes the protagonist. A level of competence and bad assery is required.

    If folks cant make reasonable criticism of Rey without dragging their personal politics into it or centering it around her gender, then said folks are sexist and might want to re-evaluate their value system.
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