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    Default Elsa vs Maleficent

    Inspired by Jcogginsa's thread.

    This is Elsa as of Frozen 2 and Maleficent circa Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. This is strictly live-action Maleficent. No composite feats from any animated films or Kingdom Hearts.

    They battle inside the Arendelle Castle. They start off 100 feet apart.

    Win is by KO. Both are in character. Who takes it?

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    I guess the first question (not getting into Maleficent returning from getting killed and reduced to ashes by a weaponized bomb version of her species kryptonite shot through her back as the second Dark Phoenix lady we got in movies this year) is if Elsa has an answer to Maleficent immediately taking flight to transmutate Elsa, since she didn't need to to get close to anyone to do it.
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