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    Default Video game with comic book art

    Iím working on a game inspired, in part, by the comic The Light Brigade published by Dark Horse. The exciting thing is that we got the artist and co-creator Peter Snejbjerg working with us. He's worked with DC and Garth Ennis before just give some examples-
    Snejbjerg made some really awesome art assets and worked on all the cutscenes. We tried our best to make the rest of the game look as good and we are all very proud of the results.

    Our game is called Broken Lines, the look is directly inspired by Snejbjergís comic aesthetic and the story and gameplay is thematically linked to the The Light Brigade.
    You play soldiers in a version of WW2 caught in a fight they donít understand, stuck behind enemy lines desperately trying to survive and get home.

    To see Snejbjergs art style take a look at his website

    If any of this sounds remotely interesting please check out our newest trailer
    and maybe our website

    Moderators feel free to move or delete my post if this the wrong place.

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    Wow, that all looks bona fide, stark raving brilliant!!

    Congratulations on such an accomplishment. You guys have got some mad skills.

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