A great article by Jeannette Ng: Confessions of a Hate Reader, or Bad Writing Habits I Picked up from Bad Criticism. To take just one of its observations:

That said, the ultimate solution to plot holes isn’t to fill in each and every one of them[2]. The art of storytelling is one of smoke and mirrors. People notice plot holes and inconsistencies when the story itself isn’t grabbing them. When the reader is emotionally engaged, they just won’t notice.

And that’s something the Critical Voice just can’t help me with. It generally doesn’t care about the larger themes of my work. Partly because most of them are basically Mystery Science Theatre snarky commentaries (or just recaps), and thus there’s a level where they aren’t critiquing the overall work as a wholistic piece of art. The Critical Voice is largely disinterested in the larger emotional impact or even the ending itself.