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    Quote Originally Posted by anyajenkins View Post
    In the context of the first two movies, I would agree, he did seem irredeemable. In the this, the extra fact that the emperor was a ‘voice in his head’ for literally years, added considerable extenuating circumstances. Like Sith induced schizophrenia, lol. That could also explain why ben’s ‘dark side’ freaked out Luke so much, because it was actually palpitine.
    I don't see how Sidious manipulating Kylo explains away that much (heck, he did the same to Anakin and we're perfectly happy to let him take responsibility for his fall). We already knew that Snoke was working on him, so it's so much new info as a clarification of old info. Besides, at the end of the day, Kylo wasn't raised in the dark side, like, say Maul; he had all the options to make the right choice and still failed himself. While I think that Kylo is relatable in terms of not being pure evil and having understandable motivations for why he went to the dark side, I find the "devil made him do it" argument to not work very well and undermine the attempted redemption story (if he wasn't "really" responsible, then his repentance looses all its weight).
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    Every time I think about the current SW trilogy and the Abrams/ Johnson conflict, it reminds me of this

    I actually heard about this back when I was in college so I think the version I found online is a bit embellished if only in the sense that there was no such thing as emails back when this happened. Other than that, it's just as I first heard it.

    The point, of course, is that these two writers are not writing the same story but two completely different stories. The guy is really at fault here since the woman started the story and he cannot adapt and continue the story she started. They are just writing past each other which is what I feel Johnson did and then Abrams did the same to him although, of course, they couldn't carry it as far as what happened in this story.
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