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    Default What do you want to see?

    Hi! We are a publisher that is trying to break in the industry but we need your help to see what do you want to see. Here IŽll show some stories that we are working on, tell us what story did you like more!

    Heroes of the World- The story begins with the arrest of a famous assassin known as "People's Avenger" that kills mainly hated politicians and public figures. The Heroes of the World, one of the most super-hero groups that existed over time, enter in a argument in witch they have to choose if they support or don't condemn the "People's Avenger" actions or condemn his actions and stop him once and for all! With narrative very similar to a Frank Miller story, and a very interesting argument and story, "Heroes of the World" brings up very political and philosophical questions. Another good point of the story is that it comes with very interesting and original characters, all with great motives and personality.

    The New Heroes- This story talks about a engineer that, for accident, was given to him documents that contained many crimes of privacy invasion and many others. Our main character works in Krusacorp, a company that owns most of social media and media in general, and of course engineering companies. After he discovers this documents he hands over to the justice and goes on trial but things donŽt go as expected and he loses the trial, but worse of all he is humiliated and almost everything in his life disappears in a matter of months. He starts thinking in how sometimes justice doesn't make justice, so, with the eyes fulled with revenge he puts down a black armored suit that he was working on and invades John Krusak's (owner of Krusacorp) but, again, thing's don't go down as expected and he is almost killed. Seeing that he can't beat Krusak's alone he revisits the documents and finds a page where is a list of meta-humans. This story brings up questions like " the difference between revenge and actual justice" and also very actual topics that include protection of data online and others...

    The Junkies- One day, six junkies inject something that they thought it was heroine but its not heroine. Each one gets a different superpower, witch they donŽt have any idea of what to do . They eventually assemble and see that those syringes that they injected and gave them superpowers were supposed to go to a very known mob dealer that wanted, by having all those superpowers onto himself, be the most powerful crime-lord in the city. The story contains allot of humor, drama and very interesting concepts that we think you are going to like!

    We have a lot more of interesting stories, contact us to find more!

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    It seems I may be the first to respond here, and, likely, I am NOT your target audience, so let me tell you first about who I am:
    I've been reading comics weekly since 1974. Yeah. Old I am. Heh. Began as a Marvel-only reader who then got into Kamandi, Starfire (SF Heroine), and The Batman. Found Cerebus with issue 6 (Jaka!), then Elfquest, First Kingdom...and of course, Freak Bros., Mr. Natural, et al. Became *gasp* a comicbook retailer (yay!) a year or so before TMNT entered the world; was a confirmed First Comics, Eclipse Comics, Pacific Comics (and so on) reader, still involved with X-Men (Claremont/Byrne!) and Daredevil (Miller!), and so on. Retailed for 10 years, moved on. Although it's a few years old, now, my signature (below) is an indication of what I've been reading 'recently'. So:

    Firstly, your misspellings and mis-grammar (if I may) are not promising great writing. Maybe a minor consideration, but important to me.
    "Heroes of the World" brings up very political and philosophical questions." This is very appealing to me.
    "very interesting and original characters, all with great motives and personality." Alas, tells me nothing. Yes, that's what I seek, but you do not convince me with this phrase--everyone says this. Tell me/show me more. "similar to a Frank Miller story," and this, alas, isn't much promise anymore, for me.
    "New Heroes" - doesn't catch my interest for two reasons: firstly, and personal to me, I don't care for 'iron-clad' heroes, Iron Man comes to mind, as I really want to see people's facial expressions; secondly, I feel like I've seen similar stories too often. I DO LIKE the theme, " the difference between revenge and actual justice" and if this's carried off adroitly, it'll overcome my other resistance.
    "The Junkies"--Jeez, guys, learn the difference between "heroin" and "heroine" okay? Really. Right now. And "witch" and "which". And so on. Get yourself an language-educated editor. Also right now. Heh...
    This one sounds, detail aside, so much like Liberty Squad, DNAgents, New Mutants, Runaways....several of the Milestone titles and so on, that, on the face of it, it's of the least interest to me of the three titles presented.

    Now, again, I'm an old (heh, even elderly) reader, not, likely, your target audience. But I am a weekly comics buyer and do participate in forums where I gleefully recommend new titles I enjoy. Currently, I seem to be buying largely 'crime' stories and personal/social interest comics (Dying is Easy, Five Years) and fewer and fewer 'costumed heroes'. I'm seeking unique points of view--which you actually seem to be offering with "Of the World" and "New"--with recognizably individual artistic style, and very well-written dialogue (I, myself, get quickly bored with narration). Sure hope this's helpful, again, with recognition that I'm not your likely audience, and wish you LOTS of luck. Go for it!
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